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Halloween Graphic Design Inspiration - Trick or Treat?



Graphic designers, as all artists, have their own unique and individual ways of finding inspiration for their design. The internet can be a great resource for graphic designers today with so much information and so many images right on their desktop. As my Halloween treat to you here are some links to some pretty cool sites for a bit of Halloween graphic design inspiration. Check them out:

Halloween-graphic-dWho doesn't like to have a bit of fun with type? These sites have some great Halloween inspired fonts and some are free!
13 Free Halloween Fonts
Sinister Fonts
Free Fonts: Halloween Category
Spooky Halloween Fonts and Dingbats

Halloween-graphic-dOn these sites you will find Halloween origami ideas, some easy and others hard, as well as handmade invitations and Halloween card ideas.

Origami Club - Halloween
Origami Resource Center
Halloween Origami for Kids
Handmade Halloween Invitations and Cards

Halloween-graphic-dWhile I was surfing the web I came across many different sites and blogs containing great  Halloween images and artwork.

Halloween/Horror Digital Art
Vintage Halloween Inspiration
Designs Inspired by Halloween
Free Halloween Icons
Sinister Visions

I hope that you've had fun finding your Halloween graphic design inspiration. Have a fantastic weekend and  . . .



New HP Indigo 5500 Installed and Running


It has been pretty hectic at TPI Solutions Ink over the last couple of weeks but well worth it. Our new HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press has been installed and is up and runninHP-Indigo-5500g!

Last month Dan and I took a trip out to Chicago and attended Graph Expo, a large scale printing industry trade show that happens annually. We made the decision to attend about a month prior to the event. Our goal for the trip was not to make a large equipment purchase, the goal was to research web-to-print software and to connect with others in the industry. We accomplished those goals, I am happy to say, and we made a large equipment purchase! Honestly, purchasing the HP Indigo 5500 was something we had been wanting to do for a while and I guess you could say that the "stars aligned" for us. we knew that this was the time to do it.

As many of you know we installed our first HP Indigo digital press back in 2005 then in 2008 we upgraded that first press and installed an HP Indigo 3050. The two old presses have now been removed, recycled and replaced with the HP Indigo 5500. So, what's so great about this new machine? A lot!

Our new Indigo uses the very latest technology, runs more efficiently, creates less waste and is more versatile. We opted to get all the bells and whistles on this press.
Here's a taste:

  • 7-Colors
    We can print seven colors. This is fantastic because our clients can now print a job in CMYK
    and have their own spot color printed as well.

  • White Ink
    Yes, white ink. Why is this cool? White ink gives us the capability of using a larger variety of specialty substrates such as transparent, metallic and colored media for a wide range of unique applications.

  • Thick Substrates
    This option gives us the ability to print on materials up to 18 points thick. Great for high quality, on demand, short run printing for things like packaging, cartons and more.

I found this really cool video (above) created by HP showing how the 5500 works. Take a quick look. If you are familiar with the offset printing process you will see that Indigo presses operate similarly. The digital image is tranferred from the pip to a blanket and then to the substrate.

Have I gotten the creative juices flowing? I hope so! We would love to work with you on your next project and print it digitally on demand!

Graphic Design for Print and the Impact of Steve Jobs


As was most of the world last week, I was sad to hear of the passing of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer, at the age of 56. His vision and creative genius have made a profound impact on the world that we live in today and more specifically, in my world, on the pre-press side of the printing industry.graphic-design-for-print

The creation of the personal computer really changed the way we all live our lives on a daily basis. The Mac changed the way we create graphic designs and layouts for print. The term "desktop publishing" was a result of the personal computer. Graphic designers with a Mac on their desktop no longer needed galleys of type to wax and paste up on boards. They could create and see their designs as they developed on their computer screen.

Today, graphic designers create files that are completely ready to print right at their desks. They send their print ready files to a trusted print provider and receive their completed projects quicker than ever before. This technology has also allowed non designers to create everything from business cards to books at home on their personal computer. (Great for the consumer, not always ideal for the printer, ha ha)

Steve Jobs will certainly be missed by the world. At least he leaves this world knowing that his "dent in the universe" is one that cannot be missed.

Check out this cool video timeline of the Mac Evolution.

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