Printing with White Ink on the HP Indigo Press

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Printing with White Ink on the HP Indigo Press


Well, how times do change!

When I started in business, over 45 years ago, if a client asked for white ink on a black or dark stock we would have had to get the piece silk screened, foil stamped or say no to the project. There was really no way to print it offset. At that time it would have taken several weeks to get the final project back from the silk screen printer or foil stamping shop. And, using those methods of print, forget printing fine type or hairline rules they just did not print well and almost always the client would be disappointed with the results.


But, today times have changed! With our HP Indigo 5500 digital press we say, "white? how white do you want it?" Yes, we can print white ink today on very dark stock and even on clear and foil substrates. We can even print a full color image on a dark material using the white ink as a base. The HP Indigo press is just so versatile that we can print on almost anything. I am continually amazed at the quality of work that we are able to produce on this machine and I enjoy offering these great options to our clients.

For more information on printing with white ink please give us a call.



The picture is a page from the new Dscoop offering - Book of Possibilities. Dscoop members who participate in the Marketing to Win Toolkit can receive a copy of the book, and four fantastic newsletters they can personalie.
Posted @ Saturday, March 31, 2012 9:24 AM by Howard Owen
Yes it is a photo of a page from the "Book of Possibilities" that we picked up at Dscoop 7. I thought it was a cool example of white ink on black stock. 
We just printed some fantastic business cards this week for one of our clients with white ink on black stock. They came out great!
Posted @ Saturday, March 31, 2012 7:13 PM by Carrie Grove
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